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My Desktop in April 2009

Ubuntu Linux Desktop 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope 64bit + Compiz + Mac4Lin + GNOME Do + Cairo Dock

Ubuntu Linux Desktop 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope 64bit + Compiz + Mac4Lin + GNOME Do + Cairo Dock
(Same Screencast but Lower Quality than the First One)

CPU: E2160 1.80 GHz
RAM: 4 GiB
Graphic Chip: Intel G33/31 (on board)

This is Ubuntu Linux 9.04 just released about two days ago (24th, April) as I already mentioned in my previous post.

I used a LiveCD of Ubuntu Linux 9.04 to check if it works well on my PC. It fortunately works well so I upgraded mine from 8.10 to 9.04.  The screencast above is made after the upgrade. It looks slow in the video yet that’s because of the software I used to record the desktop. It works really fast indeed without the software used to screencast.

These are screenshots taken before the upgrade.

Start Upgrading to 9.04

Start Upgrading to 9.04

Upgrade In Progress

Upgrade In Progress

The size of the memory installed on my PC is 4 GiB but it does not have to be 4GiB or bigger.  I need 4 GiB for the software I use to develop web applications.  Those development tools and servers require lots of memory.  However, based on my experience, without using that kind of heavy applications, 2 GiB is enough or even 1 GiB is still fine although for 1 GiB memory I rather recommend Xubuntu which is a type of Ubuntu with Xfce as its desktop environment.  Xfce is lightweight and fast.

Anyway, Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope works fine so far although I found some trivial problems such as the one described here.

This part is added on the 3rd of May, 2009
WARNING: If you would like to install Ubuntu 9.04, you had better check out the Ubuntu 9.04 release notes especially the known issues part.

※ Intel graphics card users should read carefully ‘Performance regressions on Intel graphics cards’ and ‘Display freezes with Intel graphics cards’ issues in the release notes. You may also visit the link below to solve these problems with the Intel graphics cards but follow the post at your own risk.

Compiz also seems to be a bit unstable yet hasn’t crashed.  I’m sure the Ubuntu development team will make it stable soon.  It normally becomes fairly stable one month after it is released.  In the meantime, the users can report all the bugs they found through the issue tracking system for Ubuntu that is Launchpad.

So what I feel about the new release is that it seems to be more stable than the previous release (8.10). I’m quite satisfied so far.  The following information is a quick review of the new one.

* The problems in the previous version (8.10) yet fixed in the new version.
-X-Window (probably only GNOME?) freezes if Ctrl+Alt+F1~F6 keys are pressed to enter console mode => Fixed in 9.04

-Firefox freezes with Google toolbar when opening more than one Firefox window. => Fixed in 9.04 (I’m not sure if it was fixed before but I had it when I used 8.04).

-The window decorator of some KDE applications using QT library (e.g. Umbrello, Kompare) disappears and it is impossible to resize the windows of these applications. As far as I remember, it only happens in 64bit version meaning 32bit version doesn’t have it. => Fixed in 9.04

-Using comma to separate cells in Open Office 3.0 Spread Sheet causes some error. The bug described here.
=> Fixed in 9.04. Ubuntu 8.10 doesn’t have Open Office 3.0 but 2.4. When I installed 3.0 through the repository the information about which is taken from the link blow, it had that problem.

Oh I forgot to say that Ubuntu 9.04 has Open Office 3.0 pre-installed by the way. :)

OK, these are what I found so far.

I’m using Compiz, GNOME Do, Cairo Dock and many other useful applications.  One good news is that Cairo Dock which is my favourite Dock application can now be found from the Ubuntu repository which means all I need to do in order to install it is to use ‘Add/Remove Application’ menu. 😀  I had to add the Cairo Dock repository manually before if I want to install it or even worse scenario is downloading the deb package file and install it manually.

A new file system namely ext4 which is faster than ext3 is available in Ubuntu 9.04. However, for now it might not be a good idea to use it as there may be some problem like this.
It seems to be fixed though. Anyway, the comments in this bug report post are very interesting. 😀  This might be evidence of how Linux is being evolved by the developers as well as the users of it I believe. :)

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    Nice video :-). Which tool did you use for the Screencast? I usually use recordMyDesktop but find converting Ogg to Flash rather painful. What is your process?


  2. Kevin

    18 May, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    Hi, Stefan. Thanks. :)

    Well, compare with your ROO, my screencast is nothing. 😀
    I used gtk-recordMyDesktop too, and yes you are right. It is painful when converting Ogg to Flash but youtube handles that so I just upload ogg to youtube. Youtube converts Ogg to low quality flv, high quality flv and high quality mp4 files so my screencast does not really lose its quality if watching high quality ones. It is good enough then again it takes youtube about half an hour to convert. :)

    So my process is
    use gtk-recordMyDesktop to capture -> Result: Ogg -> upload to youtube.

    I found that ‘XVidCap Screen Capture’ application works better yet my graphic chip, Intel G33/G31 (on board), does not support high resolution capture with more than 6 frames per second so I cannot use it.


  3. Nice, I wasn’t aware you could upload ogg there. Thx!


  4. Excellent video and information about your desktop. I would like to know more about the desktop theme that you used to get your Ubuntu to look like OS X. Your OS X theme is the best implementation I’ve seen of an OS X theme on Ubuntu to date. Do you encounter problems with using the 64-bit version of Ubuntu when try to install certain applications? I previously experienced some incompatibility issues with the 64-bit version of Ubuntu with some of the frequent software I used, so I switched back to the 32-bit version of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is definitely light years ahead of Windows and OS X in many ways. You can have all the benefits and features of OS X, plus not have to break the bank to get it.

    • Kevin

      4 June, 2009 at 8:50 pm

      Hello, thanks!

      The theme for my desktop is Mac4Lin. If you google mac4lin, you can easily find it but here is the link. :)
      Download the file and extract the archive file to somewhere like your home directory and run the script file that you can find in the mac4lin directory you just extracted. I don’t think I even need to explain about this based on your blog. :)
      Mac4Lin is still in RC stage yet I haven’t got any problem so far, so you would probably not get any trouble with it. I’ve used it since Ubuntu 8.04.

      And yeah. I did have some problems with some software products which do not really support 64bit Ubuntu or the other way around. However, I don’t really have any serious problems anymore.

      I used to have problems with Umbrello, MySQL Workbench yet it’s all good now. The Umbrello problem’s gone as soon as I upgraded from Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04. The problem with MySQL workbench’s solved when its development team released a new version. Oh! I forgot one thing though. I now have a problem with Amarok. It displays an error message related to my sound card when it starts and it doesn’t work at all. Yet, as you know, I can still use plenty of other applications such as Rhythmbox and Listen Music Player. I’m using Listen Music Player by the way. Anyway, my sound card works fine with other applications. It is only Amarok that doesn’t work well but it used to work well until 8.10.

      Another one is that XVidCap Screen Capture application cannot capture more than 8 or 10 frames (not really sure) per second but according to its homepage, that is because my graphics card does not support capturing more frames. So I guess it’s OK in general. I just recommend you to use LiveCD of 64bit first and install some applications you want to use and see how it turns out. Good luck! :)


    • Kevin

      4 June, 2009 at 8:58 pm

      Oh, there is another issue with 64bit version. The Flash player is very unstable yet I’ve got sort of workaround. Although it is still not perfect, it is better than using one from the repository. I’ll post about it soon. Probably in one or two days.


  5. Thank you for answering my question. I will have to download and install Listen Music Player, I haven’t heard that one before. I will probably hold out for a few more versions before I switch to the 64-bit version of Ubuntu. Everything works in the 32-bit version of Ubuntu 9.04 for me. I like the blog template you are using for your blog too. What is the template that you are using and where can it be downloaded from?

  6. I’m referring to the WordPress template that you are using for your blog by the way.

  7. infra_red_dude

    24 June, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    I’m very happy to announce that Mac4Lin has been declared as one of the finalists at Community Awards 2009 in the Best Visual Design category. The final phase of voting began today and will run till July 20th 2009. Please vote for Mac4Lin, if you feel it deserves to be voted. To vote click on this image:

    Optionally, you can also click on the first box in the right frame on my blog ( You do not need to login id. All you need is a valid email id. Each vote is associated with an email id, which needs confirmation that you actually voted (you will get an email giving a confirmation link, so all you need to do is click it). The whole voting process takes just 3 clicks.

    I urge patrons to vote for Mac4Lin if they feel it should win. Mac4Lin is completing with projects like Xbox Media Center (XBMC) etc. I once again thank everyone for their continued support, feedback and appreciation. Mac4Lin exists today because of you all :) Do spread the word around about this.

    • Kevin

      24 June, 2009 at 4:29 pm

      Hi, Anirudh.

      Unfortunately I can’t just vote for Mac4Lin so I checked the other ones as well and found I like Mac4Lin the most after all. 😀 Thus I voted for it.

      By the way, I didn’t mention this on my blog but I already installed Mac4Lin 1.0 several days ago, and it works fine on Ubuntu 9.04. Thanks for your good work! :)


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