ROO So Cool!!! -02-

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Let’s run this project to see what it looks like.

Right click on the project -> Select the Run As option on the menu -> Select the Run on Server. Run ROO Generated Application on Server

Select Choose an existing server -> Select any Servlet Container or JEE Server on which you would like ROO generated application to run (If you do not have any available ones, install set it up first). -> Click the Next button. Choose Server](/images/roo-10.jpg)

Make sure vote project appears on the right-hand side and Click the Finish button. Click Finish to Run

Now it’s running. ROO Generated Application is Running.

I opened Firefox 3 to test it instead of using the built-in browser of Eclipse. Let’s create a new choice.

Click the Create New Choice menu. Create New Choice (Firefox3)

It displays the Create New Choice form. Create New Choice Form

Wait a minute! Is that a JavaScript (JS) error that Firebug complains?

Yes, it is but it looks like an error in dojo JS toolkit which Spring JS uses. Anyway, despite the error, it works fine. dojo JS Toolkit Error

Quickly fill in the form. -> Click the Save button. Fill in the Form -> Save

The entered data are added and a new Choice is created. New Choice Created